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Are you out of your wit's end just looking for an effective yeast infection treatment? Really, you have nothing to be ashamed of! There are hundreds, even thousands of women like you who are on the lookout for the best, most effective yeast infection treatment there is in the market! But if you really are the shy type and you would want to restrict yeast infection treatment within the comfortable confines of your own home, then there are several home treatment methods that you just might want to try out.

Of course, we need to get some things straight first. Prior to trying out your yeast infection treatment at home, make sure to consult your physician first. Just do this over the phone then if you are too embarrassed by the situation. At least your physician would know the different home treatment methods you are considering and he or she can then give you sound advice as to what you should do and how you should do it.

With that said, let us move on to the different yeast infection treatment methods you can try at home.

First off is diet. Poor diet has long been one of the top-listed causes of yeast infection so it is important for you to incorporate foods that are beneficial towards effective yeast infection treatment. Here are some of the food items that you should consider adding to your diet: yogurt, almonds, garlic, blackberries, papaya, fig extract, cabbage, lemon seeds, sauerkraut, pineapple, and carrots. All of these food items make great additions to a diet program geared towards effective yeast infection treatment.

Secondly, tea tree oil makes a great substance for yeast infection treatment as well. You can easily purchase tea tree oil from just about any drug or health store in your area. So, how do you go about this yeast infection treatment method? First, you coat a tampon with either olive oil or KY Jelly. After which, you then add just a few drops of tea tree oil onto the tampon. It is important to coat the tampon with olive oil or jelly first because if tea tree oil were added alone, the tampon would just absorb it. When you're done applying tea tree oil, insert the tampon into your vagina and let it stay for roughly 30 minutes. 

Lastly, you can always turn to good ol' reliable yogurt. Do not go for sweetened ones because sugar is yeast's best friend so it would defeat the whole purpose of the endeavor. Coat your tampon with plain, natural yogurt and then insert it into your vagina for still half an hour. The microorganisms and friendly bacteria contained in yogurt make this a ‘unsweetened' yeast infection treatment that you can try for yourself.

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